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Image of Mr. Sudhin Mandanna, Chairman and Managing Director of KAIG Group

Chairman and MD

Welcome to KAIG Group, a place where innovation meets passion, and excellence knows no bounds. At the helm of this dynamic organization stands our esteemed Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Sudhin Mandanna.

Mr. Mandanna isn’t just a leader; he’s a visionary, paving the way for KAIG Group to soar to unprecedented heights. With a heart full of passion and a mind brimming with creativity, he’s not just about achieving success; he’s about redefining it.

But what truly sets Mr. Mandanna apart is his unwavering dedication to his team. He’s not just a boss, he’s a mentor, a problem solver, and a beacon of support at all times. Whether it’s navigating challenges or celebrating victories, he’s there every step of the way.

Managing Director

Mr. Raghu M D

Mr. Raghu M.D. has been in Bangalore for the past 18 years, working with several real estate firms. He’s a leading champion in land procurement, marketing, legal, and development work.

Chief Finance Officer

Mrs. Sangeetha K M

Meet Mrs. Sangeetha, our seasoned leader with over a decade of experience. Her journey began at Infosys, where she honed her skills and discovered her passion for financial planning and advice. Eager to expand her horizons, she ventured into the world of international banking, making her mark at Union Bank of Switzerland and JP Morgan as an Investment Banker, mastering her craft amidst the hustle & bustle of London.

Sangeetha’s story isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder, but about the moments that shaped her as she navigated through a volatile market with finesse and leading her team through a challenging merger with unwavering determination. Her knack for strategy, planning, and management is not just professional, it is rather personal. Whether guiding teams in India or collaborating with counterparts abroad, Sangeetha brings a relentless, responsible and an approachable spirit to the table!


Mrs. Yogitha K M

Operational Director

Mr. Muniraju

Land Procurement director

Mrs. Gowrishri N

Backend Operational director


Roshan Thimmaiah - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mr. Roshan Thimmaiah
Sachin Bopanna - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mr. Sachin Bopanna

Subhash Chengappa - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mr. Subhash Chengappa
Prathibha T.R - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mrs. Prathiba T.R
Somaiah P.T - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mr. Somaiah T P
Mr. Anil Muthappa

Arjun Suguna - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mr. Suguna
Saurav Chandra - KAIG Advisory Board Member
Mr. Saurav Chandra