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Mr. Anil Muthappa

Guiding Triumphs within the KAIG Advisory Board (KAB) In the exuberance of the KAIG Advisory Board, Mr. Anil Muthappa shines as a dynamic force. With a journey spanning over a decade, he’s walked the corridors of giants like DELL International Services, weaving his expertise into the fabric of excellence.

Innovation & Impact

Present Role: Agro Farm Tourism Project – UTOPIAA

Presently at the helm of the Agro Farm Tourism Project – UTOPIAA, he’s not just a Project Head; he’s an adventurer at heart, bringing a dash of excitement to his role. His track record glistens with over a decade of Sales & Marketing genius, a crown he wore while donning the hat of Director at KAIG Group.

Empowering the Next Generation

Anil’s mission? Crafting the perfect formula to elevate business effectiveness. Armed with a keen eye for actionable insights, he’s the architect of decisions that propel businesses forward. His Midas touch transforms management skills into engines of profitability, leaving no stone unturned to maximize revenue for the organization.

Impactful Advisory Board Addition

Behind the titles and accolades, Anil’s secret weapon is his infectious sense of humour. A true Go-To Man, his laughter-infused approach spreads positivity, fostering an environment where creativity thrives. In the mosaic of the KAIG Advisory Board, Anil Muthappa is more than a member; he’s a driving force, a trailblazer, and an unwavering beacon of success.