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KAIG Group Leading Business Conglomerate




KAIG Group is a business conglomerate founded in 2018 by the visionary entrepreneur Mr. Sudhin Mandanna. With a passion for dreaming big and a commitment to achieving those dreams in the best possible ways, Mr. Mandanna has become a symbol of leadership and innovation. Under his guidance, the KAIG Group has grown to include a diverse range of businesses, each contributing to the group’s dynamic success.

The term “KAIG” holds a special significance as it is derived from our Holy Deity Goddess Kaveri and Lord Igguthappa. This reflects the spiritual and cultural roots that inspire and guide our endeavours. KAIG Group consists of various brands and vertical businesses, with Mr. Sudhin Mandanna serving as the Managing Director for prominent entities such as Bangalore Real Estate Company (BRC), Udyog Bharat, Kaloot Technologies, Metro Mindz, Q-Skills, Q-campus, and many more.

At KAIG, we view our relationships with clients and employees as an extension of our family. With a Customer-First Culture, we believe in creating lasting memories and meaningful connections. This philosophy is not only reflected in our commitment to exceptional service but also in our dedication to making positive contributions to the communities we operate in.



Image of Mr. Sudhin Mandanna, Chairman and Managing Director of KAIG Group

Welcome to KAIG Group, a place where innovation meets passion, and excellence knows no bounds. At the helm of this dynamic organization stands our esteemed Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Sudhin Mandanna.

Mr. Mandanna isn’t just a leader; he’s a visionary, paving the way for KAIG Group to soar to unprecedented heights. With a heart full of passion and a mind brimming with creativity, he’s not just about achieving success; he’s about redefining it.

But what truly sets Mr. Mandanna apart is his unwavering dedication to his team. He’s not just a boss, he’s a mentor, a problem solver, and a beacon of support at all times. Whether it’s navigating challenges or celebrating victories, he’s there every step of the way.

So, as you embark on your journey with KAIG Group, know that you’re not just joining a company; you’re becoming part of a family. A family led by a leader who not only believes in your potential but also invests in your growth and success.

Welcome aboard, and let’s create something extraordinary together.

KAIG Group Leading Business Conglomerate

KAIG Group is a leading business conglomerate with a passion for delivering the best results in all our ventures. We believe in sustainability and try our best to be sustainable in all our work.